Nursery Thoughts

This room has been stored away in my mind for a few years now. I would dream it up in full detail. I wanted to capture just how beautiful and full of wonder his creation is. ​​As I sit in here and soak it all in, I’m reminded of all the nights that it felt like … More Nursery Thoughts

A Story about a Rug

I interrupt your political nonsense to bring you a story about a rug and hope. Every trip to Target since June, this rug has made me sad, because it’s so perfect for a baby girl room. I would stand there and try to rationalize purchasing it but came to my senses each time. Not knowing … More A Story about a Rug

Thank you 2016

The year of letting go. Understanding loss, defeat. Learning patience. Laying down guilt for the last time. Picking up petals of peace and stashing them for cloudy days. Choosing Joy while exposing pain. Finding strength and beauty in the ashes of denial and rebirth in the rubble of my expectations. Taking refuge under his wings … More Thank you 2016