My Maskcara Moment

Well hello friends. I thought was about time to update you all on my work from home life. I am so thankful I made this transition and I think that it would make sense for any mama who wants to work for home. For more information click here: Become an Artist with Maskcara Beauty. As most … More My Maskcara Moment

Stop Comparing, Start Appreciating.

Somewhere along the way we were taught that it’s not polite to even accept a compliment. We were taught That it makes you sound full of yourself. It’s better to dismiss it and put yourself down at least 3 times afterward.
More Stop Comparing, Start Appreciating.

Baby Registry Must Haves and Why You Should Register on Amazon

Does this sound familiar at all? You just found out that you are expecting and you cant sleep. (More on the first night that I learned of her here) Although it’s 2:00 AM and you have to work tomorrow,  you are 42 pages deep in Amazon reviews for the Mamaroo and Nose Frida. (that straw … More Baby Registry Must Haves and Why You Should Register on Amazon

Nursery Thoughts

This room has been stored away in my mind for a few years now. I would dream it up in full detail. I wanted to capture just how beautiful and full of wonder his creation is. ​​As I sit in here and soak it all in, I’m reminded of all the nights that it felt like … More Nursery Thoughts

A Story about a Rug

I interrupt your political nonsense to bring you a story about a rug and hope. Every trip to Target since June, this rug has made me sad, because it’s so perfect for a baby girl room. I would stand there and try to rationalize purchasing it but came to my senses each time. Not knowing … More A Story about a Rug