Messy Hair, Dirty Feet And That Wild Sparkle in our Eyes

I’ve reached a new stage in motherhood. The one no one told me about. That always happens right when I manage to get a little comfortable. The Messy stage. Not just my living room, or her car seat, I’m talking about my whole life. It’s messy right now. I mean don’t get me wrong, she … More Messy Hair, Dirty Feet And That Wild Sparkle in our Eyes

Haters Gonna Hate

This is going to be a short post. But it will change your whole world if you let it. Every now and then you meet the kind of person that if didn’t know any better, you’d think they were sent to destroy you. What you might not realize is, that’s actually all up to you. … More Haters Gonna Hate

A Stress-free Christmas

I don’t know about you but something about this time of year inevitably brings extra stress. I can remember Christmases past, where I put so many unrealistic expectations on myself and those around me. Whether it be homemade Christmas gifts for extended family that required $3,792 dollars worth of supplies or a 5 course menu, … More A Stress-free Christmas

Holiday Photo Fashion

Originally posted on The Crush:
‘Tie the season for the stress of putting together the perfect outfits for your family Christmas pictures… well, maybe not this year! My family had our Christmas pictures taken a few weeks ago, and I am here to share one of my new favorite shops with you to help get…

Happily Hughes Guest Blog Spot and Fall FOMO

Hey friends, Did you all catch my guest blog post over at Happily Hughes?  I am still pinching myself.I hope you all are enjoying your walks through apple orchards, family adventures in corn mazes, and football games cuddled up in your Blanket scarves.How beautiful is my Sister, Laura? Don’t even get me started about how cute … More Happily Hughes Guest Blog Spot and Fall FOMO

Words Stick

It’s the scariest thing to be a girl mom. Recently at Marshalls, I watched a young girl shopping for back to school with her Mom and overheard a conversation that broke my heart. Her Mom told her “chunky girls don’t wear things like that and you’re gonna be chunky your whole life, so get used to … More Words Stick