Messy Hair, Dirty Feet And That Wild Sparkle in our Eyes

I’ve reached a new stage in motherhood. The one no one told me about. That always happens right when I manage to get a little comfortable. The Messy stage. Not just my living room, or her car seat, I’m talking about my whole life. It’s messy right now. img_9669I mean don’t get me wrong, she does do things like pours a concoction of leftover juice from her plate down her shirt, with a smile on her face, much reminiscent of the cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. (Hotdog juice, canned peas and carrot juice, diced pear juice) Yep, that is super messy folks, but hear me out. Once again, I’m talking about my WHOLE LIFE. It’s a mess, a beautiful one.

I used to be the kind of girl who always had a dream in her heart and a daily to do list, prioritized and bullet listed with time limits. I bought an $80 planner when Violet was 4 months old. It has a section for meal plans and budgeting. I used to coupon and go to 3 different grocery stores to get the best deals. Guess how many times I’ve used that planner? You know what… let’s not talk about that. I’m pretty sure that is dried applesauce from about four months ago on the cover. Let’s talk about how now, I order groceries online via click-list. Which is fun until you have to leave the house to go get them and all your yoga pants are dirty. No joke, last week on my way to go pick them up, I had to turn back around to put on deodorant and make sure I locked the backdoor because I couldn’t for the life of me remember if I did either.

I sure did remember the pacifier (clip too), raisins, cereal bar, goldfish, a sippy cup, and Elmo books. Shoes, a stuffed unicorn, the diaper bag. We weren’t even getting out of the car people! But hell hath no furry than a toddler without snacks and her unicorn!!!! Anyway, my point here is to encourage y’all to embrace the beautiful mess that might now very well be your life too.  Savor those sticky fingers and teddy graham encrusted chin rolls. Stop looking at other Mothers who’s lives look perfectly in order. That’s all INSTA-Mommy propaganda anyway and you only see a corner of their living rooms. I promised you there is a reason it’s the same corner in almost every photo. WE ARE ALL A MESS! Don’t let anyone fool you.

Get off your phone and make a mess too. Break out the whipped cream paint, tickle them until they almost pee their pants (let’s not get too crazy here, we change enough diapers already.) Show them that they are the reason for the sparkle in your eyes and that you can be wild too! A Few Beautifully Messy Ideas for you and your Toddler:

•Whipped cream paint (just add food coloring)

*Pro tip- Do it in the bath tub!

• $1 paint kits from Target with a plastic placemat under it.

•$8 plastic pool from Walmart and plastic toys they all ready have. Something about me sitting in there with her makes her day! You can do this indoor without water too.

• Paint in Zip lock bags, taped to the table. You can also add baby oil and food coloring! LESS MESS, SO MUCH FUN!

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