Haters Gonna Hate

This is going to be a short post.

But it will change your whole world if you let it.

Every now and then you meet the kind of person that if didn’t know any better, you’d think they were sent to destroy you.

What you might not realize is, that’s actually all up to you.

Let them teach you.

If you can’t learn anything else from them, savor the way they made you feel.

Swallow it down so that you remember how awful it was and never make anyone else feel that way.

Instead, stay true to yourself. Look for the good in people. Be a digger of gold. Celebrate their success right along with them.

Even when you think it should be your turn. Even when you think they don’t deserve it.

This is when you shine the brightest. Be the light. No one can take that from you, unless you let them.

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