Why I won’t rush Thanksgiving

First, let me start by explaining that every other year until this year I was always the first of my family and friends to deck the halls. Lights, tree, garland they all came out of storage the day after Halloween and my home was full on Christmas crazy by November 4th. This year I watched my friends and favorite bloggers go nuts over Hearth and Hand Christmas Collection by Chip and Joanna Gaines. I scrolled through Pinterest and tried to get excited about flocking my tree. I even tagged along with a friend to Michaels and helped her prepare for her daughters Birthday party. Her theme is “It’s snow much fun to be One” (How cute?)While walking through the aisles of rose gold tree skirts and rustic decor it dawned on me… I just could’t get into the Christmas spirit. The ride home was puzzling. I thought about everything going on in my life and how special this Christmas was going to be with Violet. Then I thought about my Ohio family and how they would all be here the week before Christmas to take all the little ones to Disney and celebrate together. I thought about my sister Rachel and my precious nephew Braxton and how I just wanted this Christmas to be perfect for them. Then, it hit me. I couldn’t find my Christmas spirit because this year I really needed to celebrate Thankfulness. Let me explain. This year our family was blessed with two new additions. Violet and my nephew Braxton, who are 5 months apart. Braxton was born with a hereditary chromosome deletion that also triggered an unbelievably rare form of early Infantile Epilepsy, called EIEE Type 44. His prognosis is not what I want to focus on here so, Click to Read more about Braxton’s Journey

What I want to share is how much that little boy has shifted my perspective. He has changed my life in ways he’ll never know. He has taught me to slow down and be present and in the moment with my loved ones. He has taught me to be quicker to forgive. In a world where we have become conditioned to stress and feel like we always have to hurry, he’s taught me the art of sitting still and enjoying the sunshine. This little boy has so much purpose in our family, he’s mended rifts and brought us so much closer. But personally, he’s taught me what true thankfulness feels like. It’s bigger than turkey and pumpkin pie. It’s the realization that every moment matters and it’s important to slow down and really experience them with those you love the most. 
If you are reading this and are also finding it hard to get in the Christmas spirit, cut yourself some slack. Afterall, it’s perfectly acceptable to celebrate thankfulness first. 

Stay blessed, 


2 thoughts on “Why I won’t rush Thanksgiving

  1. I’ve seen so much, through our little boy. I’ve seen each of my children love and care for each other with all their heart and soul. I see God in our lives, every moment. Braxton has changed us. I trust God. In Him, I place my faith

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