Happily Hughes Guest Blog Spot and Fall FOMO

Hey friends,

Did you all catch my guest blog post over at Happily Hughes?  I am still pinching myself.I hope you all are enjoying your walks through apple orchards, family adventures in corn mazes, and football games cuddled up in your Blanket scarves.How beautiful is my Sister, Laura?

Don’t even get me started about how cute my Mama is up in that Apple tree!

What have I been up to?  Oh well, I live in Florida so I’m enjoying a PSL while I walk every square foot of Target, in the Air conditioning.

Yes, I’m having a little FOMO (Fear if missing out) over everyone’s perfect fall festivities. It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and start feeling a little sorry for yourself. Plus, I miss my Ohio family so much, especially this time of year.Fall Photos 2015  (Before Braxton)

Last night I was standing in my kitchen, on the verge of tears from being homesick. I was making my Grandma’s famous Amish Noodles, (because I eat my feelings) when I caught a glimpse of perfection out my kitchen window.​

That very moment I felt my savior whisper,  I love you and you have EVERYTHING you need.

Happy Fall y’all! Stay blessed,

Xo Amber

One thought on “Happily Hughes Guest Blog Spot and Fall FOMO

  1. Just read this and I’m all ready eyes. We miss you all and LOVE all the videos! I thank God so often for your beautiful family. I would have talked and listened for hrs that night if I knew. It’s a bittersweet time of year. So in honor and in memory of our Mom, grandma and Great Grandma, please climb a tree and jump in some leaves! Love you! See you soon😘


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