My Maskcara Moment

Well hello friends. I thought was about time to update you all on my work from home life. I am so thankful I made this transition and I think that it would make sense for any mama who wants to work for home. For more information click here: Become an Artist with Maskcara Beauty.

As most of you know, in March my whole life changed. After a 12 year journey with infertility, we finally brought home our beautiful baby girl; Violet (via adoption.) We were blessed to be a part of her birth and I even got to be in the room for delivery. Our adoption was a 3 year journey and it was full of peaks and valleys. Upon placement, my husband and I decided that I would quit my job (that I loved, surrounded and supported by colleges that I loved) and stay home with our baby girl. 

It was a tough call financially but we knew in our hearts it was the right choice. After all, we had waited so long I wasn’t going to miss out on a single second. She’s almost 5 months now and it’s been a beautiful transition. I joined as an Artist not expecting much. I Just adored the “live your adventure video” that Cara made a couple years ago. It really resonated with me. Grab your tissues and Watch this video!!! Little did I know that this was going to be the thing to make me feel whole, that it would allow me the freedom to pick up my job and put it back down whenever I needed. No mom guilt.  

All that brings be to my Maskcara Moment : 
On May 5th (my first payday),  I walked into Target loaded up my cart with Violet’s Hypoallergenic Formula, and swiped my credit card for $240. 😳 What I felt at the register was pure joy. It was the moment where I felt like I had really made the right decision by sacrificing my job for my family and Jesus was rewarding me for my faith by making a new way. I am so thankful for this opportunity and can’t tell you just how much it’s meant to me as a new mama and to my family. You would need to experience it for yourself, and I hope you do someday.  💜

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