For All My Amazon Prime Kind of Moms 

Hi my name is Amber and shopping on Amazon is on of my favorite hobbies these days. (Shout out to Emily Dutton for gifting us with Prime) 💜

So if you’ve followed me on insta this month, you’ve seen all of Violet’s designer knock off threads. There are soooo many cute shops but they are hard to find.  

So I figured, why not pass on this valuable information? I’ll short list my 5 fav shops for Feb-March. 

But let’s have a little laugh first, shall we?  
Pre-baby: What are your hobbies? 

Oh, Culinary art, plate styling, running an online ministry, organic meal planning, forecasting homedecor trends, blogging

Two weeks into motherhood: What are your hobbies?
Cleaning formula out of chin rolls, Staking out the mailman while waiting for my Amazon Prime Boxes, Googling things like “xanthan gum, infant choking” and Seedy Poop. 💩

Ok let’s get this show on the road, we’ve got serious business to attend to. (Like cleaning chinrolls) 

  1. Honeys– ⚠️ They ship from China, so you’ll get them by Christmas. (Kidding, like 30 days tops) But it’s sooooo worth it. Promise. These were each less than $6
  2. Mignonandmignon– A couple of weeks before V was born, I decided I needed a little token of hope to wear around my neck. Something to remind me of his promises when I started to fear the unknown. This little handmade shop delivered just that for $20. I chose a “V” and a “J” in rose gold. Their bar necklaces are calling my name too. 
  3. Hudson Baby Company– I haven’t ordered here yet but I’m swooning over these milestone blankets and Boppy covers. Help me choose which of the two milestone blankets pictured below. 
  4. Canis– They have the cutest baby girl rompers in all the land but their baby boy threads are adorable too. 
  5. Meiliy– I remember lying in bed the night we found out about Violet, one of the last things that flashed through my mind before I finally drifted off to sleep was a vision of us in flower crowns. So of course I searched high and low for the perfect ones. 

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