Hey Beautiful, Drink Some Water With Me?

So, I have a little problem. Y’all know how much I looooove Coffee right? Well I’m not proud of this but sometimes I go days without drinking water. Yes I know, it’s terrible. I’ve been working on it though and here’s what I’ve learned…

1. I am the Queen of excuses when it comes to this whole “I hate drinking water” thing. Here is a legit list of my excuses so far this week (and it’s only Monday.)

  • My favorite cup is dirty
  • I need coffee or I’m going to die. 
  • Orange juice sounds better
  • It’s too cold. I’ll let it get room temp, then I’ll like it better 
  • Is this today’s water or yesterday’s water? I’ll go make coffee 

Y’all I realize how weak that sounds. So, No more excuses! 2.Pretty glasses really do help me drink more water Seriously, sounds crazy but it’s working. Crystal clear wine glasses and colbalt blue glass makes my water taste better. Plus it makes me feel like I’m at some fancy hotel when I look over and see it on my nightstand. So there’s that. 3. I want to teach my little girl to love herself and that means loving myself enough to take care of my body.  Did you know that every single cell in the human body needs water to function properly. We need water to regulate our temperature, to cushion and protect joints and organs and to help digestion move smoothly.This week I’m starting my very own water challenge. Comment if you want to join me. We can work out the details. 

2 thoughts on “Hey Beautiful, Drink Some Water With Me?

  1. It’s funny that you posted this. I was just talking with Becky about how I made a promise to myself to drink a gallon of water a day. I only have 24 ounces to go for today! And I honestly ALREADY feel better!


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