Boho Nursery Hairbow Holder DIY

Materials Needed:

  • Newly clipped vine that’s easily moldable 
  • Faux flowers (prewired work best) 
  • Floral wire 
  • Wire cutters 
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon

Mold your vine into a circle and use floral wires to secure.  Then take a straight peice of vine and cut it so that it’s 1-2″ longer than the Diameter of the circle. This will make it easier to secure, you’ll clip it later.  

Notice I chose to face the overlapping part of the circle torwards the bottom of my peace sign. This way it will be be hidden under the ribbon.
Next you’ll take two more straight but slightly smaller pieces of vine and fasten each of them to the bottom the same way. Congrats you’ve just hand crafted an adorable little peace sign.✌🏼 It will serve as the foundation to your Hair Bow Holder. **Baller on a Budget tip (see my very first blog post to fully understand that reference)**

I only shop for floral when it’s 40% off or when I have coupons for one item 50% off.  Grand total for this project was $7. That might be a DIY record for me folks. 

These daisies are prewired and  came in a 5 pack for $2.99 from Jo-Ann FabricsNow the fun part, decorate this adorable little peace sign to your Boho-hippy loving- heart’s content. You can use butterflies, sunflowers, garland, whatever you like. I chose Violets because our little girl is due in a few weeks and her name is Violet. Finally grab a few different colors of ribbon and tie them to the base of your circle. I chose neutrals and earthtones to give it that soft Boho Nursery feel. (Yes, I consider gold-glitter an earth tone. Gold comes from the earth) Clip all your little girl’s hair bows onto the ribbon

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you’ve enjoyed this DIY. I’d love to see yours if you give it a try, so tag me in your pictures on Instagram

Speaking of Instagram, are you following me there?  Word on the street is that I’m co-hosting a giveaway soon. Click here to follow so you don’t miss out!

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