A Story about a Rug

I interrupt your political nonsense to bring you a story about a rug and hope.

Every trip to Target since June, this rug has made me sad, because it’s so perfect for a baby girl room. I would stand there and try to rationalize purchasing it but came to my senses each time. Not knowing when we would ever be matched or if it would even be a girl, I just couldn’t justify it. 
  But tonight, (God willing) our baby girl is due in 36 days. So tonight I loaded this bad boy in my “online cart” and with a few clicks, my heart flipped a switch. 

If you think this is a story about a rug you are wrong. It’s a story about hope. You see subliminally, I chose to walk down that isle and subject myself to the heartache, every single trip. It was as if my heart knew what it needed to see to keep the dream alive. 
Hope is funny that way. It hurts and it stretches us, far beyond what we think we are cable of. Then, just in time it reveals itself and like a light switch to your heart it illuminates the world around you. Letting you steal a glimpse of his promises, proving to you that he is faithful and hope is truth.

(Image is stock image, not my own) 

2 thoughts on “A Story about a Rug

  1. Amber, you have put into words the struggle for hope in all of us who ever had that deep longing to be a mom. Thank you for saying it so well. Praying for all involved to the One who died to give us hope!


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