Fixer Upper Life: It ain’t all Sunshine and Shiplap + DIY Faux Burlap Ribbon

For those of y’all that have ever bought a fixer upper, you already understand what I am about to tell you. For those who are even thinking about purchasing a fixer upper, there are a few important things that you need to know. So pull up your farmhouse chair, grab a pretty white Rae Dun #blessed mug full of Starbucks Anniversary blend Joe (that you only bought because it had a dang Mermaid on it) and lean in close.  I’m about to tell you something really, really important.

Rae Dunn Blessed Mug- HomeGoods $3.99
Are you ready?   Chip and Joanna make it look way easier than it is.  It’s not all Sunshine and Shiplap, sometimes you wake up to find your very own mini poop-pond in your back yard.  Yes that’s right! One minute you are basking in the glory of your freshly painted  (Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams) laundry room and the next minute, your seven pound Maltese is having the time of his life, pouncing around in a suspicious pool of brown liquid that wasn’t there yesterday.

Sea Salt SW 6204 Green Paint Color

Caution! Because Poo is dangerous!

Poop Pond Problems
Failed septic drain fields aside, here is what I’m really getting at:

There are things you are going to have to say no to in order to prepare/recover from unexpected expenses. Things I’ve said ” No” to this Month:  Getting my hair done (it’s been since July but I’m still rocking a very unnatural balayage),  going out to eat (I’ve cooked every meal this week) and fall fashion temptations (those fringe ankle boots, statement chokers, and slouchy knits are all still haunting me in my dreams).

Mango Chicken and Yellow Rice with Abrosia Apples that must have been sent from Heaven.

Comment if you want the Recipe
But there are simple joys that make it oh so worth it.  Like not sweating it when you have put down that $7 burlap ribbon and walk out of  Jo-Ann Fabrics as fast as you can because you just came up with the perfect idea:

Faux Burlap Ribbon from Publix shopping bags:

Items you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Publix plastic shopping bag,
  • Braiding skills (fine tuned and perfected from practicing on my little ponies)

Cut three strips from a Publix bag and braid them. Tying them to a kitchen cabinet helps.  I used the faux burlap ribbon as a wreath holder but it would be cute for Christmas gifts too. Simple, free, why not?

Thanks for the chat, be sure to come back for a visit! Until next time Peace ♥ & Strong  Coffee ~Amber

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