Why you should shop Target’s “As Is”

Guys, get in your cars right now and head to Target.  Skip the PSL  (Pumpkin Spice Latte), You wont have hands to carry it.  And don’t you even think about getting lost in the Dollar Spot Bins just yet!  The ceramic pumpkins and $3 candles will still be there.  But what wont still be there are  “As Is” hidden treasures like these beautiful Mint Farm Table Chairs that I found. They are online right now for $149 a pair.  I scored them for $73 a pair.

My understanding (from the nice gentleman in khakis  and a red polo)  is that “As Is” items are  items that are returned from online but that specific store doesn’t carry said item in full inventory.  He also said Target marks items that have been opened and the packaging isn’t perfectly intact. These chairs for example had not been opened, our Target simply didn’t carry them.  All I know is that they were “Mint” to go with this table and I felt like such a successful adult for putting them together without hurting myself.

***UPDATE*** Many of ya’ll have asked if there is a specific “As Is” section in Target.  I  called my target up and asked. They said that they place it with their clearance.  I have noticed that as season displays get switched out clearance inventory grows.  My target usually has a lot of clearance near the wall hanging aisles and on the end caps of bath, kitchen, and lighting. Happy Hunting for those glorious red stickers, think of it as adult Pokemon Go!! Hold on honey, mamas about to catch Mercury Glass lantern for 70% off!

Before I go, y’all have to check out these stunning “look alike” Crystal Coasters I scored for $7.99 at  HomeGoods today.  $175 at Bloomingdales? Not today Satan! That’s like a weeks worth of groceries!!!



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