Baller on a Budget OOTD

Please Enjoy this short story about how Baller on a Budget OOTD’s were born.

Once upon a time there was a Fashionista who used to work at The  Buckle, her name was Amber.  She was allowed to shop to her heart’s content because she was literally paid to promote all the hottest labels. That 40% discount didn’t hurt either.  One day the Fashionista and her King decided to adopt (adoption ain’t cheap) and thus it became time for Amber to slow her roll and learn to save money.  It was tough, there were tears, and  it didn’t happen over night but  finally this Fashionista exchanged her Buckle Black card for Target’s Cart Wheel app and Kohls Cash.

Alas, I present to you my first Baller on a Budget OOTD



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