Words Stick

It’s the scariest thing to be a girl mom. Recently at Marshalls, I watched a young girl shopping for back to school with her Mom and overheard a conversation that broke my heart. Her Mom told her “chunky girls don’t wear things like that and you’re gonna be chunky your whole life, so get used to it.”  This little girl was no older than 10. I don’t pretend to know the whole story. But I do know that like that words stick. So I whispered to her, “You are more precious than rubies baby girl” and strolled right by. I hope those are the words that stick. 

•Photo credit to Jessica Taylor 

My Maskcara Moment

Well hello friends. I thought was about time to update you all on my work from home life. I am so thankful I made this transition and I think that it would make sense for any mama who wants to work for home. For more information click here: Become an Artist with Maskcara Beauty.

As most of you know, in March my whole life changed. After a 12 year journey with infertility, we finally brought home our beautiful baby girl; Violet (via adoption.) We were blessed to be a part of her birth and I even got to be in the room for delivery. Our adoption was a 3 year journey and it was full of peaks and valleys. Upon placement, my husband and I decided that I would quit my job (that I loved, surrounded and supported by colleges that I loved) and stay home with our baby girl. 

It was a tough call financially but we knew in our hearts it was the right choice. After all, we had waited so long I wasn’t going to miss out on a single second. She’s almost 5 months now and it’s been a beautiful transition. I joined as an Artist not expecting much. I Just adored the “live your adventure video” that Cara made a couple years ago. It really resonated with me. Grab your tissues and Watch this video!!! Little did I know that this was going to be the thing to make me feel whole, that it would allow me the freedom to pick up my job and put it back down whenever I needed. No mom guilt.  

All that brings be to my Maskcara Moment : 
On May 5th (my first payday),  I walked into Target loaded up my cart with Violet’s Hypoallergenic Formula, and swiped my credit card for $240. 😳 What I felt at the register was pure joy. It was the moment where I felt like I had really made the right decision by sacrificing my job for my family and Jesus was rewarding me for my faith by making a new way. I am so thankful for this opportunity and can’t tell you just how much it’s meant to me as a new mama and to my family. You would need to experience it for yourself, and I hope you do someday.  💜

Stop Comparing, Start Appreciating.

Alright y’all, pull up a seat and get ready to be offended. LOL,  I’m totally kidding, but this post might ruffle a few feathers.   Something about this season in my life has me really in tune with how many women get so caught up in the comparison game. I’m not going to blame it on the new generation because if anything it’s my own generations fault. Finding fault doesn’t really get us anywhere though, does it? So here we go, I’m just going to say it. As women we have become unbelievably salty about anyone else’s success and we don’t even know it. Seriously, just go with me here. (If you dare) 

How many of you see a beautiful and successful woman and immediately think, good for her? Be honest you immediately self evaluate and begin to take stock of your own style, makeup, hair, body.  You see her at Target in her perfectly distructed boyfriend jeans, the new blush colored Addidas Ultra Boosts, sun kissed skin, perfect complexion, contour so sharp it can cut, Highlight popping. Ugh. Puke in my mouth she’s probably a miserable person in a horrible relationship and I bet her kids are hellions. She probably doesn’t even raise them, her nanny does. Sound familiar? Be honest! Why can’t we appreciate a beautiful woman and give her a mental, You go girl?  I’ll tell you why.  It’s all goes back to comparison. We would rather put her down in our own mind because she makes us feel less beautiful. Why do we feel less beautiful? Because we’ve spent years putting ourselves down.

Somewhere along the way we were taught that it’s not polite to even accept a compliment. We were taught That it makes you sound full of yourself. It’s better to dismiss it and put yourself down at least 3 times afterward. There is something so backwards and so terribly wrong about that! Because when we speak those negative words on ourselves we subconsciously believe them. This negative self talk breeds jealousy.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. I see this verse everywhere lately. But people miss the bigger point to this verse. They miss the first five words, “I will praise you because, I am fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalms 139:14  When was the last time you looked in the mirror and praised him for the way that he made you? Woah. That’s some deep stuff right?  It’s a challenging verse for sure because we tend to look at our bodies as our own and spend so much time hating them and comparing them to everyone else’s. What if we stopped that?  What if we learned to love ourselves for how He made us so that we can see others as beautiful too? What if we realized that they aren’t a threat to us and stopped harboring jealousy in our hears?

So here’s my challenge, here is how you practice the art of appreciation. The next time you see a beautiful girl, stop her and tell her that she’s beautiful. I promise, you’ll feel more beautiful in that moment. (Even in your yoga pants that have never made it to yoga) 

Stay beautiful,


Baby Registry Must Haves and Why You Should Register on Amazon

Does this sound familiar at all? You just found out that you are expecting and you cant sleep. (More on the first night that I learned of her here) Although it’s 2:00 AM and you have to work tomorrow,  you are 42 pages deep in Amazon reviews for the Mamaroo and Nose Frida. (that straw like thing that sucks boogies out of their nose)

nose frida(Don’t knock it until you try it, works way better than those icky nasal aspirators, easier to clean, and it doesn’t grow mold)

Ugh the dreaded registry. Yep, been there and done that.  To be quite honest, I don’t really want to do it again.  So many choices, so many mixed reviews.  Reviews are so subjective and it takes so long to make decisions when your mind is in a million places.

That is why I went ahead and took one for the team and created an Amazon Store where I linked all my favorites from Violet’s Registry in one place.  I spent hours reading reviews and consulting with my favorite Mama Bloggers as well as my Pediatrician.

Yep, I was a little cray cray as a first time expectant Mama but hey I waited 14 years! Enjoy and please reach out with any questions or comments.  I would love to know what you all think.

Note: This is an Affiliate Link and I do benefit from sales, so shop the link if you wish to support this Work from home Mama.

Click here to shop my Registry!

If you haven’t created an Amazon Baby registry yet, I would highly encourage you to do so.  We registered both at Amazon an Target and 90% of our Amazon registry was purchased and compared to 10% of our registry at Target.

  • Your guests will love the convenience of 2 day ship! let’s face it, we’ve all ran out the night before or even day of a shower to get a gift.
  • Amazon provides an option for them to ship it right to you without you having to disclose your address. So when the deliveries start showing up its like #Happymail everyday.
  • It organizes your Thank you list for you and allows you to send them electronically
  • Shop the biggest selection of brands and Products in one place.

♥♥♥ Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry ♥♥♥

For All My Amazon Prime Kind of Moms 

Hi my name is Amber and shopping on Amazon is on of my favorite hobbies these days. (Shout out to Emily Dutton for gifting us with Prime) 💜

So if you’ve followed me on insta this month, you’ve seen all of Violet’s designer knock off threads. There are soooo many cute shops but they are hard to find.  

So I figured, why not pass on this valuable information? I’ll short list my 5 fav shops for Feb-March. 

But let’s have a little laugh first, shall we?  
Pre-baby: What are your hobbies? 

Oh, Culinary art, plate styling, running an online ministry, organic meal planning, forecasting homedecor trends, blogging

Two weeks into motherhood: What are your hobbies?
Cleaning formula out of chin rolls, Staking out the mailman while waiting for my Amazon Prime Boxes, Googling things like “xanthan gum, infant choking” and Seedy Poop. 💩

Ok let’s get this show on the road, we’ve got serious business to attend to. (Like cleaning chinrolls) 

  1. Honeys– ⚠️ They ship from China, so you’ll get them by Christmas. (Kidding, like 30 days tops) But it’s sooooo worth it. Promise. These were each less than $6
  2. Mignonandmignon– A couple of weeks before V was born, I decided I needed a little token of hope to wear around my neck. Something to remind me of his promises when I started to fear the unknown. This little handmade shop delivered just that for $20. I chose a “V” and a “J” in rose gold. Their bar necklaces are calling my name too. 
  3. Hudson Baby Company– I haven’t ordered here yet but I’m swooning over these milestone blankets and Boppy covers. Help me choose which of the two milestone blankets pictured below. 
  4. Canis– They have the cutest baby girl rompers in all the land but their baby boy threads are adorable too. 
  5. Meiliy– I remember lying in bed the night we found out about Violet, one of the last things that flashed through my mind before I finally drifted off to sleep was a vision of us in flower crowns. So of course I searched high and low for the perfect ones. 

Nursery Thoughts

This room has been stored away in my mind for a few years now. I would dream it up in full detail. I wanted to capture just how beautiful and full of wonder his creation is. ​​As I sit in here and soak it all in, I’m reminded of all the nights that it felt like all I would have is this dream. I’m reminded of the sorrow,  tears and the heartache but mostly I’m reminded of all the times that hope whispered, trust me.  I’d like to tell you that I always did, that my faith was always stronger than my fear. But it wasn’t. You see after every night of sorrow, He brought the sun up in the morning to shine through my window. I felt its warmth on my face and those rays, they were just for me.  Photo credit:Danielle Johnson 

After every moment of jealousy over when would it ever be my turn, He would make my phone ring or my inbox buzz and there would be an encouraging message just for me. It was always exactly what my heart needed hear. After every isolating day and for every brick I built up around my heart, the spirit moved, rearranged and made my heart ready to love this little girl. 

My hope is that she gets to laugh, play and explore in this room. My prayer for her is bigger than that though. Tonight I pray that she feels her heavenly father’s love in the sunshine, His courage in the the way the wind blows through the trees, and His gentleness while watching animals play. But most of all I pray for her to learn sooner than I, that His unfailing love will always be stronger than her faith and her fear.

Hey Beautiful, Drink Some Water With Me?

So, I have a little problem. Y’all know how much I looooove Coffee right? Well I’m not proud of this but sometimes I go days without drinking water. Yes I know, it’s terrible. I’ve been working on it though and here’s what I’ve learned…

1. I am the Queen of excuses when it comes to this whole “I hate drinking water” thing. Here is a legit list of my excuses so far this week (and it’s only Monday.)

  • My favorite cup is dirty
  • I need coffee or I’m going to die. 
  • Orange juice sounds better
  • It’s too cold. I’ll let it get room temp, then I’ll like it better 
  • Is this today’s water or yesterday’s water? I’ll go make coffee 

Y’all I realize how weak that sounds. So, No more excuses! 2.Pretty glasses really do help me drink more water Seriously, sounds crazy but it’s working. Crystal clear wine glasses and colbalt blue glass makes my water taste better. Plus it makes me feel like I’m at some fancy hotel when I look over and see it on my nightstand. So there’s that. 3. I want to teach my little girl to love herself and that means loving myself enough to take care of my body.  Did you know that every single cell in the human body needs water to function properly. We need water to regulate our temperature, to cushion and protect joints and organs and to help digestion move smoothly.This week I’m starting my very own water challenge. Comment if you want to join me. We can work out the details. 

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